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Benefits of ionic foot detox

Posted by on December 15, 2012

There are many ways to detox, but some are more efficient than others. Our daily diet, and exercise keep our bodies from the accumulation of harmful toxins. There is no way to avoid these toxins. They are found in the air, water, chemicals/drugs, and food. Sometimes toxins get so built up that our diet alone can’t rid of them quick enough. When this happens our bodies become sick, sluggish, our mind gets foggy, and our digestion slows down. This is where science plays a role with the detoxification process.

The ionic foot bath is a very unique method that has been used for many years since the discovery that illness can not survive in an alkaline body. The ionic foot bath is exactly how it sounds. It has a tub that you place your feet in and an array that goes in the water with your feet. The array is connected to the electrical output machine and creates a current of negative ions in the salt water solution where the feet rest. As the current of negative ions run through the body they attach themselves to positively charged toxins to further eliminate them through the pores of your feet into the water. The color in the water usually comes from the reaction with the toxic material which shows the different parts of the body that are detoxifying.

The ionic foot bath has numerous benefits including the elimination of heavy metals, blood clots, yeast, tar buildup, and lymph waste. Many people including myself experience clearer thinking, higher energy levels, quick and smooth digestion, and clear skin. Ionic foot baths can also help with the absorption of nutrients and the metabolizing of fat. Reports also show a higher fat loss rate because of the elimination of burdensome toxins on the liver. I have used this product for years and always experience positive results. It is very effective at flushing toxins especially if you don’t buy cheap products that don’t have good reviews.

This product goes way beyond diet to rid of harmful substances and even regulates ph levels! I also recommend people to experience what I have with better health….and you certainly don’t have to pay $30 every session for a professional to assist you. You can detox with this system in the comfort of your home! Every session lasts 30 minutes and as you detox you will see the water change colors symbolizing the different areas of the body releasing toxins. Everyone is unique and the color of water usually with be varied by person. You should immediately feel a burst of energy and a clearing of the mind. I promise you will feel awesome.

These are links to recommended foot baths and my personal comments:

Hymbas Optimum focus – The most powerful detox machine on the market! Uses 100% copper tub and array for more conductivity which brings about more detoxification.

Health and Med – I’ve had this one for years, which has brought me great satisfaction.

Better Health  – very affordable for the quality!

Aqua Chi  – 5 year warranty and Hymba competitor.


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