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17 Reasons to be a Low-Fat Raw Vegan:

  1. Feel amazing!

  2. Eat a colorful, flavorful variety of foods.

  3. Glowing and clear skin

  4. An easy way to lose weight and keep it off permanently

  5. Gain energy and improve athletic performance.

  6. Eat as much as you care for

  7. No foul body odor

  8. Faster muscle recovery and growth

  9. Perfect digestion

  10. Improves sleep quality

  11. Relief from pain and inflammation

  12. Increased mental clarity

  13. Improved circulation

  14. Allows your body to heal itself from physical ailments

  15. Effectively rids toxic buildup

  16. Nourishes the environment

  17. Slows and can even reverse aging process!


<———You can get the same results too!

If you are already vegan you are one step ahead of the game…be a Raw Vegan! A person who is 100% raw eats limitless amounts of fruits and vegetables to satiate themselves without ever depriving the body of nourishment. That means raw fresh whole fruits and veggies in many seasonal varieties. The nature of this lifestyle is 10% proteins, 10% fats, 80% carbs. This lifestyle is the purist, most nutrient dense diet in the world, that leads to no deficiencies and is complete without need of supplements.

The word “VEGAN” means the abstaining of animal flesh and bi-products, this includes:

*All Animal Flesh (Why Not?)

*Milk from cows/goats (Why Not?)

*Eggs (Why Not?)

*Cheeses, butter, sour cream, yogurt ect. (Why Not?)

*Honey (Why Not?)

The word “RAW” is referring to the uncooked, whole, fresh food that has not undergone any form of processing. These raw foods would not be found in packaging that has been sitting on a shelf for months at the supermarket.  

Raw foods are:

*Fresh fruit

*Fresh vegetables

*Raw nuts and seeds

Eating a completely raw vegan diet is the most sustainable for our planet (organic of course!)…it doesn’t involve polluting our environment or the depleting of our natural resources.

Most people turn to a raw vegan diet because of the numerous health benefits. I definitely would recommend it to anyone…this is why I dedicated part of my life to help people regain their health by educating them about REAL nutrition…

This lifestyle brings results like nothing else…

You’ll be THRIVING on an abundance of fruits and vegetables in many colorful varieties. There is no reason for calorie restricting or starvation as you will be nourishing your body to help heal itself. This means reseting your metabolism, reaching your ideal body weight, healing, gaining energy, recovering from illness/disease and common ailments.

Many have experienced tremendous health recoveries and fat loss success by following a simple lifestyle physiologically fit for their body. Raw fruits and veggies are so dense in essential minerals, proteins, healthy fats, vitamins, fiber and enzymes, how can they not be the perfect foods!

As you navigate through this site you will discover many easy ways to transition into a raw vegan lifestyle as well as raw recipes, vegan body care, healthy tips and more! Also, I have several  E-books available located on the store page of this site. Stay updated on the latest news by following me on Facebook and Twitter!

Sign up to my newsletter at the top left of this page to learn how to switch to a raw vegan diet and check out the blog page for recipes and tips to help you on your journey for optimal health. Cheers to a healthy life!



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