You Are What You Eat!

On a raw vegan diet you are not limited to the amounts of nutritious raw fruits and vegetables you desire. Raw foods are designed to heal and energize your body so that you can have optimal vitality!

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Raw fruits and vegetables contain all the vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids and amino acids that you will ever need to meet your body’s nutritional demands.

Benefits of a low-fat Raw Vegan Diet:

*Glowing and clear skin

*Lose weight and keep it off permanently

*Limitless energy

*Eat as much as you care for

*Faster muscle recovery and growth

*Perfect digestion and elimination

*Improves sleep quality

*Relief from pain and inflammation

*Increased mental clarity

*Improved circulation

*Allows body to heal itself from ailments

*Effectively rids toxic buildup

*Nourishes the environment

*Slows and can even reverse aging process


Why Do We Eat Junk?

It is hard not to be bombarded with the bad food choices of the standard American diet in this day and time. Television commercials are constant throughout the day selling processed food items. Processed foods are anything packaged with a nutritional label and altered from their original state found in nature. An apple is in its natural state…apple pie isn’t.

All these processed foods are designed to make you addicted! Yes, addicted by the salt, sugar, fat and overload of chemicals in the food. When you become addicted, you want more and more and more until you are literally fat sick and tired. But guess what, the big companies that mass produce this so-called food only care about the great profit they are making…not your health!

Processed foods are not natural and actually mask your taste buds to the pure taste of whole foods. For example: once you get accustomed to a little bit of salt you want to keep adding more and more to make the same taste. This is why people find it hard to stick to a healthy diet, because they are simply not use to the pure taste of whole foods. To effectively switch to a healthy diet I find that people are better off when starting with a detox or cleansing program. This is great to remove past cravings and addictions so that it is a whole lot easier to start with a clean “palate” (literally!). Start eating mono-meals. Take one of your favorite fruits and eat as many as you want for your meal. Then another fruit for another meal and so on.

How to Make the Switch To a Raw Vegan Diet

Becoming a raw foodie isn’t the easiest thing in the world, yes it takes some discipline, but easing into it little by little will take the pressure off and set you up for long-term success.

I know a slow transition works for most people, although some prefer to just jump right in.

For the majority though, I recommend starting every day with one 100% raw vegan meal. Since this particular lifestyle focuses on high carb and low-fat, your meals will revolve around mostly sweet fruits and some tender leafy greens.

If You are Already Vegan…. Become Raw Vegan!

A person who is 100% raw and vegan eats an abundance of fruits and vegetables. That means raw, fresh, organic fruits and veggies in many seasonal varieties. This lifestyle is the purist, most nutrient dense diet in the world, that leads to no deficiencies and is complete without need of supplements. 

“VEGAN” means the abstaining of animal flesh and bi-products, this includes:

  • *All Animal Flesh
  • *Milk from cows/goats
  • *Eggs
  • *Cheeses, butter, sour cream, yogurt ect.
  • *Honey

“RAW” is referring to the uncooked, whole, fresh food that has not undergone any form of processing. These raw foods would not be found in packaging that has been sitting on a shelf for months at the supermarket.

  • *Fresh fruit
  • *Fresh vegetables
  • *Raw nuts and seeds
  • *Sprouts

*Did you know that cooking food eliminates 99% of the phytonutrients, and 70- 90% of the vitamins, minerals and enzymes!!!

Raw Food Pyramid

Cooked, processed, devitalized food is the very reason why most of America is overfed and undernourished! Our bodies crave nutrients constantly and if we don’t feed it what it needs then we pay for it with our health.

Eating a raw vegan diet is also the most sustainable for our planet! It doesn’t involve polluting our environment or the depleting of our natural resources.

Were we really physiologically designed to eat animal products?

humans vs. carnivores

~A major study published in February 2005 reconfirmed the link between animal products and heart problems. The study, which was published in the American Journal of Epidemiology, concluded that among the 29,000 participants, those who ate the most meat were also at the greatest risk for heart disease.~



This Lifestyle Brings Results Like Nothing Else

You’ll be THRIVING on an abundance of fruits and vegetables in many colorful varieties. There is no reason for calorie restricting or starvation as you will be nourishing your body to help heal itself. This means resetting your metabolism, reaching your ideal body weight, healing, gaining energy, recovering from illness/disease and common ailments.

Many have experienced tremendous health recoveries and fat loss success by following a simple lifestyle physiologically fit for their body. Raw fruits and veggies are so dense in essential minerals, proteins, healthy fats, vitamins, fiber and enzymes, how can they not be the perfect foods!

Take a look at the typical diet of today’s society. It is made up of about 30-60% fats, 20-30% protein, and 50-65%carbs. It is a scientifically proven fact that saturated fats are the cause to many leading health problem such as obesity and heart disease. Saturated fats are found in animal products such as meat, dairy, cheese, fish, and eggs.

These types of food are recommended by most conventional doctors to be limited in your diet. If something is so good for you why should it ever be limited. This is where physiology comes into play. If meat was such an important part of everyone’s diet and necessary for life on this planet then there would be no such thing as vegans. For all the people out there who have lived 30 plus years of their life without the consumption of animal products have a lot to share about health. I have heard countless people testify the many ways they felt better after giving up the meat. This includes things as feeling light and energetic, clear thinking, more motivated, not groggy upon waking, better digestion ect…

Being vegan is easy and everyone can do it!

I have never seen anyone look upon a dead animal and see their mouth water with the pleasure of eating that. Fruit on the other hand looks appealing and pleasurable. It is colorful, sweet, juicy, and has no negative side effects whatsoever…And you won’t become sick if you eat “too much” fruit.

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I’m pretty sure you have heard the term “empty calories” before. Empty calories can be described as foods that don’t have very much nutritional content and really have more toxic substance. When you hear that phrase you may think of donuts, cookies, pizza, deep fried foods and yes that is all correct! However you maybe be eating so called healthy foods that are empty calories!

Heating a food beyond 118 degrees is proven to denature our food from it’s natural state. The tradition of cooking food has gone on for thousands of years and is a very big part of our western culture. This is one of the biggest empty calories…cooked food. Internal toxemia is a build up of these denatured mutated toxins found in cooked foods. The cooking process alters the hormones, coagulates proteins, burns oils and fats turning them into toxic carcinogens, diminishes vitamins and minerals, negates original health benefits of that specific food.

Cooking never made us human. In fact no one ever cooked until they experimented with fire. Cooked food/processed food also causes tooth decay because of acid waste from bacteria. Did you know, the pectin in fruits like apples and strawberries actually clean and whiten teeth along with veggies like carrots, celery and cabbage. Raw vegetables actually re-mineralize teeth and make them stronger, but that’s a whole other post.

Everything in a S.A.D diet (standard American diet) has an alternative in the vegan/raw vegan world…

  • *Instead of desserts enjoy sweet fruits like dates, figs, mango and pineapple.
  • *Instead of butter or oil use avocado, olives and coconut.
  • *Instead of crunchy snacks try celery, sweet peppers, carrots and broccoli.
  • *Instead of adding salt to your meals add leafy greens, celery and/or tomatoes, they are the best source of natural sodium and essential minerals.

Once you start eating more fruits and vegetables you’ll crave them more! I used to be surprised when I craved a big salad or fresh grapefruit. As we cleanse our body we become more aware of what it actually needs. This is why so many people switch over to a raw foods, so really consider it and start truly living healthy and feeling good!