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“The Raw Vegan Instruction Manual”

raw vegan

Do You Want To…


-Look and feel amazing!




 -Have glowing and clear skin!




-Lose weight and keep it off permanently!




-Gain energy and improve athletic performance!





 -Recover from ailments such as asthma, candida, chron’s, IBS, acid reflux, arthritis and more!





 -Skyrocket your immune system and ward off infections for good!




-Faster muscle recovery and growth! 





-Effortless digestion and elimination!






-Relief from pain and inflammation!






-Increased mental clarity!






-Improved circulation!





-Light and painless menstruation!





-Look and feel years younger!



 Well now you can….





april profile~April Palus~

I’m a health expert and advocate, writer, blogger and outdoors enthusiast.

Here’s my journey to raw foods…

I grew up just like everyone else did, addicted to processed sugary and fatty foods. Soon I developed frequent constipation, acne, candida yeast infections, sinus infections, fatigue and A.D.D.

After being vegan for several years and searching for answers to my health issues I came across the low-fat raw vegan diet. What intrigued me was that this way of eating was based on science and had many success stories to back it up. So I ate the simple, pure diet of only raw fruits, veggies, some nuts and seeds.

The idea of eating in abundance excited me enough to hop on the bandwagon the next day. Within the first week I felt great with incredible energy and effortless digestion. My acne also cleared up completely within a month. Even my periods became A LOT lighter, shorter and pain-free, where before I experienced excruciating pain and heavy bleeding.

This way of eating is so rewarding, not to mention extremely simple, so I never looked back and finally came to an end to my search for truly optimal health!

“You can get the same results too!”





 “The Raw Vegan Instruction Manual”

In this book you will:


*Discover the 4 steps to take to overcome cravings


*Discover how to eat raw on a time budget and money budget


*How to ease into eating more plants for beginners to become a pro!


*Many recipes from simple to decadent to satisfy your appetite and taste buds


*Find out why 90% of persons have Parasites and how to get rid of them.


*Discover what foods that you are eating that stick to your belly and hips that no amount of ab workouts will get rid of


*Discover what no one talks about in the Raw food world that you absolutely need to know


*Find out how to get all the protein, calcium and B12 from raw plants


*Discover how to transition at a pace you can handle for maximum long term success


*Learn what is detoxification and how to slow it down or speed it up


*Learn how to make lots of raw plants easier with many tools and tricks


*Discover after many years of research and experience the Perfect raw vegan diet to avoid confusion


*Discover the other aspects of a healthy lifestyle most trainers and nutritionists don’t know


*Find out how to eat more raw, at a pace you can handle so you can stick to the diet


*Learn about certain foods that will slow aging and give you tons of energy,


*Plus super awesome and natural superfoods such as one that is used for thousands of years to boost libido naturally and effectively. Also known Nature’s Viagra for females and males.



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